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At madebymade GmbH we have the aim of contributing to sustainability with our own share; a resource saving circular economy. Insect protein as an alternative and regional source of protein is an important step to reduce greenhousegas emmissions and in this way for a better and more green future. Our entire production therefore runs on 100% green electricity. Additionally, the liquefied gas we use is climate neutral, as it is compensated for by climate protection certificates.

Our aim is „5-4-3“ which stands for the next 5 years in which we want to install 4 plants in 3 countries, in order to furtherly increase our impact. madebymade wants to fight existing problems with new, innovative ideas. The economic feasibility and reliability of our company is of highest importance for our customers, our employees and our delivery men too. We have the goal to improve ourselves everyday so that we can also work in future with motivated and satisfied partners, to shape the world in an environmental friendly manner.

Kai Hempel / Dr. Jonas Finck
Our current team