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Sustain­able Pro­teins

We deliver sustainable and regional produced animal proteins in the form of protein pouder for the feed production for pets after the accreditation number: DE14729013413

Furthermore, our dried larvaes and the extracted fats and oils can be used for a large variety of purposes such as Wild bird feed, feed for zoo animals and also directly to pets.

The living larvaes also serve as a special delicacy for turtles and other reptiles. To complete the circle, the final substrate functions as a fertilizer and soil substrate as well.

If you are interested in one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Living larvaes

Our larvaes convince by their healthy look: they are relatively large with a size of up to 2cm and are yellow. They are extremely robust and are able to be stored in very low temperatures for days. After time and with the exact temperature, the larvaes start to darken and pupate as well. After some days, living black soldier flies hatch out of These. If These animals are stored in a the warmth, an anclosed box is recommended. An additional feed of the flies nor the larvaes is needed.


Dried larvaes

Compared to living larvaes, dried larvaes are easier to transport and last much longer as well. They contain the whole spectrum of fats and oils and can easily be transported and stored in so called Big Bags. Of course, smaller amounts are also possible. Especially our local birds enjoy this little delicacy.

Protein flour

The Protein flour is the endproduct which we aim for at madebymade GmbH. It is generated during pressing of the larvaes and has a flour like consistency. The target Protein Content lays at over 40% and at fat Content of less than 8%. The dark Protein flour has a bit of a nutty smell and contains essential amino acids too. Through the processing, Protein flour has very similar characteristics to fish flour and can be used in a diverse way in the feed Industry.

Fats and oils

During the pressing process, valuable Lipids are generated as well. An Analysis of the fatty acids indicated, that 30% of the fatty acids are unsaturated, which defines them as the so called “good” fats, according to the nutritional Industry. Of These 30%, 10% are multiple unsaturated fatty acids, which are seen as especially valuable. The melting Point of this dark Brown fat is at 40°C. It contains, similar to Protein flour, a nutty smell.

Substrate / fertilizer

The manure of our breeded larvaes have exceptional features. In contrast to the usual animal manures, this Substrate has a more dry consistency and is almost without odor. The license as organic fertilizer and soil Substrate is already approved. During the generation process, a considerably smaller amount of green house gas emissions is emitted as in the composting process for example. The exact composition of the soil Substrate has been reasearched in an accredited laboratory. It does not contain poisonous materials or heavy metals. The first conducted tests showed, that vegetable plants react very well with the soil Substrate. In areas with fragile soils, our circular economy can contribute to an additional value of food security. For every local gardener, this 100% sustainability of the soil is an excess value.