We only use byproducts and residual materials from our region within a radius of 50km as feed for our larvae.

During the two-week mast, our insects transform these residue materials in high quality proteins and get dried afterwards.

Our natural fertilizer is an unbeatable sustainable product which consists 100% of the feed of our insects.

By degreasing our dried larvae we get sustainable protein flour. Our insect fat is a regional substitute for palm oil.

madebymade makes an important contribution to a sustainable and resource saving circular economy by breeding and reproducing the black soldier fly.

There is a steady increase of demand for proteins on a global scale. In order to meet this demand, the usage of alternative sources of protein for human and animal feed is essential. Insects serve as a valuable alternative to conventional protein sources, such as fish flour and soy because they can be produced in a more climate friendly manner, using less resources such as space, water and food.