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Our sustainable madebymade products

Our larvae originate from regional breeding of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). The special feature of our larvae is that they help us to process organic residues into high-quality proteins, which can be ideally used for animal feed. The larvae can be fed both as fresh larvae and as dried larvae. 

The living larvae of the Black Soldier Fly is characterized by a healthy yellowish color and a size of up to 2 cm. They are extraordinarily robust and can even survive for several days if stored at low temperatures. Due to the so-called defensins, the larvae possess a kind of antibiotic of their own, which enables the larvae to utilize all organic residues without health problems. Due to these defensins, our fresh larvae have an antibacterial effect when fed. Another advantage of fresh feeding is that the natural hunting instinct of some animals is promoted. Thus, our fresh larvae are particularly suitable for fish, but also for chickens or wild birds. 

Since the fresh larvae start to pupate after some time and become flies, they are not suitable for long storage. This is where our dried larvae come into play, which are preserved for a long time by a gentle process. They are still an excellent protein food for all pets from dogs to parrots. Particularly noticeable in our dried larvae is the pleasant nutty aroma, both in smell and taste. 

By further processing our regionally farmed larvae, we can produce high quality products that are suitable for a wide variety of uses.

By pressing our dried larvae, we can extract valuable fat. Due to a similar fatty acid pattern, our insect fat forms a regional alternative to coconut or palm oil. Our fat is particularly suitable for homemade bird dumplings as well as for soap or candle making

From the defatted material we produce a high quality protein meal containing essential amino acids. With a high protein content of up to 48%, our protein meal is ideal as a supplement for your personal pet food mix. Just like our dried larvae, our protein meal has a pleasant nutty aroma and taste.

Our innovative natural fertilizer ensures a balanced and sustainable fertilizing effect. Its valuable nutrients and ingredients ensure optimal plant growth and strengthen the resistance of your plants. The high content of organic matter improves the formation of humus, activates soil life and provides an excellent water storage capacity. Only organic residues such as old fruit and vegetables are used as raw materials, which are recycled in this way. The larvae of the Black Soldier Fly have the unique ability to transform these residues into environmentally friendly products such as this natural fertilizer. This is done in a zero waste process and using regional resources.