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Our modular System is based on the size of shipping containers. In this way, individual and efficient solutions at low planning and transporting costs are guaranteed.

The recycling of organic waste which arises from industry and commerce contributes to a sustainable circular economy and saves valuable resources as well.

We deliver sustainable and regional produced animal proteins for pets. At the same time, valuable fats and a sustainable soil substrate is created.


It all started in a garage in the north of Leipzig. We, the founders Kai Hempel, Dr. Jonas Finck and Henrik Reichstein had the vision of a sustainable source of animal protein for the animal feed industry.

With the data obtained from the experimental garage set up, a technological grant by the SAB was applied for. With this, the proof of concept from our business plan could be implemented. Due to the participation of the local Investor, the Golzern Holding GmbH, the funding of the Pre Seed Phase was certain. At the new location in the south of Leipzig, we developed the first phase of our pilot plant with support of our strong partners. The conversion of a former pellet plant into a modern insect breeding plant began in march 2018. In the beginning of 2020, KAURI CAB GmbH also became an investor. Have a look at our current construction progress under News.

Significant feature is the modular construction with shipping containers. More Information you can find under plant development.

After the succesful provision of the proof of concept, the construction phase started. The skaling to industrial scale takes place directly here, in the pilot plant. This is made possible because of the close collaboration of our investors, the bank, different grants of the SAB, the LIFE funding program of the European Union and, of course, the hard work of our fast growing team.

Large plans require a strong Team. If you would like to become part of our motivated team, please send us your details.


At madebymade GmbH we have the aim of contributing to sustainability with our own share; a resource saving circular economy. Insect protein as an alternative and regional source of protein is an important step to reduce greenhousegas emmissions and in this way for a better and more green future. Our entire production therefore runs on 100% green electricity. Additionally, the liquefied gas we use is climate neutral, as it is compensated for by climate protection certificates.

Our aim is „5-4-3“ which stands for the next 5 years in which we want to install 4 plants in 3 countries, in order to furtherly increase our impact. madebymade wants to fight existing problems with new, innovative ideas. The economic feasibility and reliability of our company is of highest importance for our customers, our employees and our delivery men too. We have the goal to improve ourselves everyday so that we can also work in future with motivated and satisfied partners, to shape the world in an environmental friendly manner.

Kai Hempel / Dr. Jonas Finck
Our current team

Why in­sects?

There is a steady increase of demand for proteins on a global scale. In order to meet this demand, the usage of alternative sources of protein for human and animal feed is essential. Insects serve as a valuable alternative to conventional protein sources, such as fish flour and soy because they can be produced in a more climate friendly manner, using less resources such as space, water and food.

Which insects do you use?

The black soldier fly (BSF)
This fly has certain caracteristics, which make it a perfect fit for the industrial farming. The larvaes feed on almost any organic residue. Additionally, their reproduction cycle is very fast. The production itself takes place in old, unused storehouses. This means, that no fertile agricultural land has to be used. Also, the larave only feed on organic residues, that would otherwise not be used – no waste is been produced in the process.

Where can i find you?

Our current production plant is located in the south of Leipzig, in Pegau.

To be exact:

madebymade GmbH

Löbener Weg 7

04523 Pegau

Can i come by to visit the pilot plant?

Unfortunately, without contacting us before hand, it is not possible. However, you can send us an e-mail or call, let us know your enquiry and we try to arrange an appointement where applicable.

Where do the insects, that you produce, come from?

We breed these flies here locally ourselves. The whole reproduction cycle, from the egg until the fly, completely takes place here in saxony.

Are humas also able to eat the insect protein?

Theoretically, yes. Insects is on other cultures in the world like Mexiko or Thailand part of the normal daily diet. However, not in the form of pouder or flour but rather the insect as a whole. The insect flour itself can also be used for baking for example. We do hope that in future, the general acceptance for the consumption of insects will rise furtherly. Our industrial plant will only focus on insects as a feed, but in combination with a higher acceptance of the product, our insects could be used for human consumption in future as well.

Do you use chemicals in your production? In how far can you label your product „organic“?

No, we do not use chemicals in the production process. After the production some working products need to be desinfected, which is stated in the la wand contributes to the product security. Our aim is to design all of our processes as sustainable and environmental gentle as possible. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration to achieve a certification. For this reason, there is no „organic“ certification as of right now.

May i join you?

Of course! Have a look at our open vacancies.