About us

It all started in a garage in the north of Leipzig. We, the founders Kai Hempel, Dr. Jonas Finck and Henrik Reichstein had the vision of a sustainable source of animal protein for the animal feed industry. With the data obtained from the experimental garage set up, a technological grant by the SAB was applied for. With this, the proof of concept from our business plan could be implemented. Due to the participation of the local Investor, the Golzern Holding GmbH, the funding of the Pre Seed Phase was certain. At the new location in the south of Leipzig, we developed the first phase of our pilot plant with support of our strong partners. The conversion of a former pellet plant into a modern insect breeding plant began in march 2018. In the beginning of 2020, KAURI CAB GmbH also became an investor. In the beginning of 2021 we finished construction on our first modular insect breeding plant. Today, our first industrial plant is up and running. In the meantime, we produce a steadily increasing number of insects on an area of over 2500m². Significant feature is the modular construction with shipping containers. True to our pragmatic approach, we permanently optimize in the process and get better every day. You can follow our current progress under News.

Successfully building our first industrial insect farm was an incredible challenge. This is made possible because of the close collaboration of our investors, the bank, fundings of the SAB, the LIFE funding program of the European Union and, of course, the hard work of our fast growing team. Having reached this milestone, it is now time to plan and implement the next plant with renewed energy and vigor. We are ready.


Our contribution to sustainability is the resource-saving and regional production of protein in a circular economy. We increase our impact through the modularity of our plants. In early 2021, we completed Germany’s first modular insect breeding plant – now we are expanding.

Our vision is 5-4-3: in the next 5 years we will build 4 more plants in 3 countries. In this way we multiply our impact globally. Our goal is to improve every day in order to continue to actively shape the world with motivated and satisfied partners, customers, employees, and suppliers.

Kai Hempel / Dr. Jonas Finck
Our current team