The POWER4BIO project aims at increasing the capacity of regional and local policy makers and stakeholders to strengthen their bioeconomy and to support the emergence of a thriving bio‐based sector. Adequate knowledge and best practice exchange and networking within and among regions, across the EU are therefore aimed at. The cross-visit on the 23rd of june started with a symposium about bioeconomy in Central Germany region on the first day with more than 70 participants, madebymade being a best practice example of bio economy in the region of Central Germany. Between the presentations, the participants were encouraged to interact and to give feedback using an online polling tool.Find out more about the event here.

We are pleased to appear in the IHK annual report “Vision for the Region” as a company from the economic Region Leipzig. Our focus, which is far greater than just Saxony, is made very clear here: “The plant we are developing here in Thesau, we also want to implement in other regions – in Germany and above all worldwide,” says Kai. The goal is quite clearly to become a large group. Which products madebymade produces and the visions can be read here, in the complete two-page article.

madebymade won the 2019 Agricultural & Nutritional Ideas Competition. The concept for the production of sustainable protein meal convinced the jury. Particularly committed and successful young talents are the ones Chosen to receive an award here. Under the guiding principle of “Banking for Food”, forward-looking projects that address the issues of more efficient use of resources and food wastes are supported. You can find the full article here.