We won! madebymade is the winner of the Best Innovative Practice 2022 in Bioeconomy. We thank the German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) for this award. We are thus also part of the EU’s BRANCHES network as one of 50 best practices across Europe. You can find our abstract with information about madebymade here. We are looking forward to future joint networking and to spreading our innovative technology in Europe.

Our colleague Felix presented his bachelor thesis on the influence of yeast on the growth of the black soldier fly at the Insecta conference in Giessen last week. Supervisor of the thesis was our managing director Jonas. Our colleague Yannik also presented a poster, here the topic was the positive effects of our natural fertilizer. There were many interesting insights into the current status of insects as food and feed. Many thanks to all participants and all presenters of the conference.

We are there! Next week, from September 15-17, we will be helping to shape the agriculture and food industry of tomorrow at the Farm-Food-Climate Festival. As an innovative feed manufacturer, we supply sustainable insect proteins and want to actively contribute beyond our work. Through a mix of conference and change maker event, a safe space for inspiring experiences and professional exchange will be created over three days. We look forward to encounters, exchange and collaborative work. Our colleague Richard Paulsen is looking forward to meeting you. See you there.

The SPD member of parliament from the Leipzig district, Franziska Mascheck, visited our insect breeding facility last Friday together with Dr. Martin Rosemann, SPD spokesman for labor and social affairs, and Daniela Kolbe, deputy chairwoman of the DGB Saxony. Dr. Martin Rosemann, visited companies of different types throughout Germany last week, those that are currently facing and will face major challenges in the future, those that are affected by structural change, and also those that offer innovative solutions. madebymade combines these topics: in the former lignite area of Central Germany, proteins are produced in a circular economy, which address the future protein shortage. During the joint lunch, CEO and founder Dr. Jonas Finck explained the path of madebymade from its founding in 2017 until today and the special features of the black soldier fly. Afterwards, the insect breeding facility was visited and all individual production steps were explained. Martin Rosemann, Franziska Maschek and Daniela Kolbe were very interested in the industrial insect breeding, there was a lively exchange from the beginning, which continued during the tour of the production. The madebymade team thanks for the visit and the friendly exchange

We at madebymade still use usable food – just like our partner SIRPLUS. We use it as food for our larvae, SIRPLUS puts together delicious boxes for you and me. Do your part against food waste, too. In their nutritious boxes you will find our natural fertilizer with a 10% discount code for our online store – but only in the first 3200 packages so order quickly at www.sirplus.de!

Our larvae are a real treat – even for the very young. Natural food for many of our native species. Get your starter pack now and let your pets try it! You can find all our sustainable products right here on our website.

Our contribution to a green future: our sustainable products. From top left to bottom right you can see our dried black soldier flies, dried black soldier fly larvae, chitin, natural fertiliser, fat, and insect protein. Diverse products with a wide range of uses. Each one serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products. Get in touch with us directly at sales@madebymade.eu to sell our products in your store too.

Join our BSF Breeders Summer Camp! This year’s Insects to Feed the World Conference has shown how important it is, to get together to share experience and thoughts. Therefore we want to use the momentum and bring together black soldier fly breeders from all over Europe for a first “BSF Breeders Summer Camp”. As the BSF breeder community is constantly growing, it just makes perfectly sense to us to gather, communicate and join forces. Therefore we invite European BSF breeders to our first 2-day Summer Camp – and you can take it literately: Bring your tent as this will be a classic setting on the premises of madebymade in Pegau, Saxony DE: Outdoor BBQ, camp fire and shared bath-rooms…
On Saturday 30th of July we will come together for a workshop to collect thoughts on how we can strengthen the European BSF breeder’s community and to elaborate further potential of the Fly. Are you a BSF breeder from Europe and want to join in? Then go ahead and send us a confirmative Mail to: bsf-summercamp@gmx.de 
It’s “First come first serve” on our 25 camp-tickets!
In the upcoming days we’ll share further info on the event via mail.

Happy Birthday to the 30th anniversary of the EU LIFE program! We are grateful to be part of this network and this impactful program. Thank you for visiting us, Ms. Pfirrmann and Milina Schumannova from CINEA. Our LIFE team Jonas, Charlott, Kai and Mathias showed the huge progress of our Waste2protein project. We are looking forward to the next visit!

We continue this week with the KIN Roundtable PETFOOD. As a pioneer in the petfood industry, we are actively shaping the future of the pet industry through our healthy and sustainable insect proteins. Many thanks to Lebensmittelinstitut KIN e.V. for this exciting event and to our great Partner Jamina Zauggl from BugBell GmbH.