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We are pleased to give a lecture at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle on February 16th. Managing Director Dr. Jonas Finck will give the online lecture Waste2Protein – Upcycling with Insects from 15.00 – 16.30h. Twice a year, the art academy organizes the “BURG Session” during the lecture-free period. It offers a week of interdisciplinary events for students and staff from the fields of art and design as well as related scientific fields. These sessions thrive on diversity, offer new perspectives and create space for exchange. Be part of it!

Under the pillar of ecology, we directly address three goals of the sustainable development goals: Climate action, Life under water and Life on land. We create an innovative solution that is completely future-oriented: by directly substituting soy and fish meal with our insect protein, we protect forests from deforestation and prevent overfishing of the oceans. Our concrete action for climate protection is our daily work. We produce in a resource-conserving manner in a regional circular economy.

We look back on a successful 2021: our production volumes grew steadily, the team got great additions, finally events again, new contacts and great collaborations were made. We look forward to growing our impact next year. Big goals are coming up and we will do everything we can to realize our 2nd modular insect breeding facility. Many thanks to all supporters of madebymade GmbH. We wish everyone a relaxing holiday season and a good start in 2022.

Our commitment to sustainable development: In the topic of economy we address goals 8 and 9. We create long-term jobs in a rural region. In the first step, we are doing this in the greater Leipzig area in Saxony. In the future, worldwide. We promote innovation with our highly automated plant, because we create a new technology and promote potential and know-how. We are also involved in several research projects, with the Universität Leipzig, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, and the BioZ -Biobasierte Innovation aus Zeitz und Mitteldeutschland alliance. We promote regional economic growth. We strengthen the industry. By producing insects on an industrial scale and implementing further industrial plants

This September, we visited the Impact Festival in Offenbach and met many other initiatives and companies here that, like us, are committed to sustainability. Our flies and our larvae accompanied us. In this video Charlott explains you our all around sustainable concept. Our production steps, our final products and the locations of our next plants, we also discuss. Many thanks to Impact Festival for this contribution!

Yesterday we finally had the opportunity to work together on our team development. We started with a workshop held by Gwendolyn on the topic of gender discrimination in the company. Here we learned about the different ways women are discriminated against, acted out situations and discussed them. Afterwards, we finally conducted the first speedback inspired by Inga, where we got to know each other better and could address positive as well as negative points in our cooperation. At the company breakfast the next day, we were able to reflect on what we had heard and exchange ideas about it. At the same time, both managing directors Jonas and Kai informed us about madebymade’s goals for the coming year. A pleasant culture among all employees is extremely important to us. We actively work on our togetherness and want everyone to feel comfortable in the company.

Why do we breed the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly? They have the special ability to convert residual materials into sustainable products: Insect protein, natural fertilizer and fat. In this picture you can see how fast they can do that. There are only a few hours between the two pictures and they have completely utilized melon and tomato. Ideally suited for our new, sustainable circular economy.

Come meet madebymade! Founder Jonas Finck will be at the EU Stand tomorrow morning, and hold a presentation of LIFE Waste2Protein at 3.55 in the South Hall of the Rimini Expo Centre too. Furthermore, Jonas will pitch on Thursday at 3pm in the green blue circular economy pitch session.
We are excited to be there, connecting with companies that are driven by environmental change and new models of circular and regenerative economy, like we are.

To all larvae lovers: we offer a great subscription where you save up to 20%. You determine the time interval, the quantity, and can cancel easily at any time by e-mail. The larvae arrive directly at your doorstep, produced in a regional circular economy! Feed them directly to your pets, there is not a more sustainable snack. Questions about our products? Write our colleague

In the following document, you receive an overview of supported LIFE projects since its beginning in 1992: which sectors play a key role, which projects perform all-round and how much financial support has been given so far. EU policies behind its circular economy approach are decribed and the reinforced focus of LIFE to the topic of circular economy is explained. We are happy to be named as a key example, next to innovative projects like LIFE CEPLAFIB, LIFE GreenShoes4All, LIFE RE-WEE and LIFE-ECOTEX.