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Visit us this Thursday and Friday at the first Impact Festival in Offenbach am Main. We are very excited to be part of this event about green transformation. Founder Kai and Charlott, assistant to the two CEOs, will inform about our vision, our products and our company. We look forward to interacting with other sustainable companies. You can find our booth right by the entrance and listen to our pitch on Friday afternoon.

Visit us this Wednesday and Thursday at the Insecta conference! Our founder Jonas and our quality manager Maricruz will be presenting posters on the use of BSF larvae. We are excited to be part of the event again and are eager to share news about the use of insects as feed and food. The topic of insect farming is highly innovative; new input and exchange on this will be especially valuable for insect enthusiasts like us and all other participants.

Our Christmas party was not only good for us, but also a direct support of the Crowd Funding Campaign of Camilo Wilisch and Sebastian Kreßner of PINAKS: a 5 course insect menu by the talented insect chef Nicole Sartirani of Mikrokosmos. We insect enthusiasts stick together! Due to the Corona restrictions, we were only now able to catch up on our Christmas party. But we enjoyed it all the more now. Exactly the right event for us insect enthusiasts. We are looking forward to more events together.

We actively work on three Social Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 2 No Hunger we implement by producing larvae which are used in regional cycles to support fish or chicken farms. We also reduce the dependence on the EU as the largest importer of soy. Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities are addressed by using only organic residues as input directly from the region. Furthermore, we promote local industry and create jobs in our direct surroundings. We contribute to goal 12 sustainable consumption and production through our production facility, which produces sustainable products in a circular economy and thus promotes sustainable consumption.

Watched our colleague working briefly: Nikolai deals with our big data. As an insect breeder on an industrial scale, we not only work with our animals, but also with a lot of data. This requires people who are patient and passionate about coding, modeling and analyzing to continue learning and optimizing. As a scientist, Niko enjoys new challenges and big data sets. We are happy about his support.

Dear petowners! Do you already know BugBell GmbH? They offer sustainable pet food based on our insect proteins. Support their current campaign on startnext here. They share our vision: to combat the arising protein gap and resource gap. Additionally, they also educate abozt the topic of pet food. Their healthy feed only uses insects as protein source, in combination with gluten free wheat and vegetable and fruits. But let them explain themselves. Let your darlings try and convince yourselves!

Our colleague Maricruz ate an insect burger from Bugfoundation GmbH for the first time this week at the University of Leipzig. The first insect burger in Germany. It tasted great! We wish for more such innovative and nutritious products. We at madebymade are currently producing pet food, so our high quality proteins are used for example in dog food by companies like BugBell GmbH. We believe in insects for the future, whether as food or feed. We are pleased that they are even being tried in the refectory of Leipzig University.

Charlott covers several areas of work in her position as Executive Assistant, this includes external as well as internal communications. As Dissemination Leader, she communicates on the progress of our EU-funded Waste2Protein. With her background in environmental management, she is driven by sustainability and our huge impact – and to expand it in the future. Already with us for a year and a half, she is one of our old hands, like Mathias and Yannik. Here’s to more exciting years together!

With our work, we contribute to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These are intended to ensure sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level worldwide by 2030. These 3 pillars are of equal importance and build on each other at the same time – they only work in their entirety. We address each level directly with multiple goals: we protect resources and biodiversity on an ecological level, create sustainable value on an economic level, and establish sustainable consumption and production on a social level. We are working towards a green future. Every day.

Max was the first student ever to write his master’s thesis with us. Max was able to complete his studies in product development (Integrated Design Engineering) at Otto-von-Guericke University Magedburg with a practical master’s thesis in our company. The aim of his work was to develop a device for automating a selected production step. In addition to building the prototype, he is now also involved in the development and construction of further modules of our production facility. We are happy to have him with us. His willingness to help, his manual skills and his constant humor characterize him.